CERECGuy's Proper Care and Feeding of your CEREC

Caring for your CEREC is very easy: periodically change your burs, change your water, and calibrate.  Calibration should be scheduled monthly, to ensure all is in top shape.

·         Changing your  burs
-          Your burs should last about 20 restorations (maybe 25 if you’re milling Paradigm composite resin blocks, or 15 if you’re milling emax)
-          You can wait until your burs break, at which point your milling machine will prompt you to change it… or…
-          You can proactively change burs. If you average one CEREC per day, change both burs at the end of each month. If you average 2/day, change every two weeks
-          When you change one bur, change the other one at the same time. It will break in 1-2 more mills anyway
-          To change your burs, click Settings, then Instruments. Remember Step bur (flat one) on the left, Pointed bur on the right!

·         Changing your water
-          When your water becomes too thick with porcelain, you will be asked to change it. This happens about every 20 restorations with the Compact unit, or every 50 times with the XL.
-          For the Compact (rectangular) unit:
o       Open the lower panel
o       Push the blue lever up
o       Slide out the tank
o       Dump water and scoop out porcelain residue
o       Add 75 ml of Dentek (oil)
o       Fill with distilled water

-          For the XL (dome-shaped) unit:
o       Pull out center water tank
o       Unscrew top & back plugs
o       Drain water; scrape or rinse out porcelain residue
o       Remove and rinse filter
o       Change filter after 200 mills
o       Put in 125ml of Dentek (oil)
o       Fill above filter with water

·         Calibrating your camera
-          The first day of the month, or if your images have straight saw-marks in them, calibrate the camera
-          Click Settings, Calibrate, 3D Camera
-          Insert your camera into the A part of the black calibration box; click OK
-          When prompted, repeat this for the B side of the box. All done!

·         Calibrating your milling unit
-          The first day of the month or if your restorations don’t fit or mill oddly, calibrate the milling unit
-          Click Settings, Calibrate, Milling Unit
-          Remove the burs and insert the smooth calibration pins
-          Insert the triangle in the block slot
-          Click Start… done in 5-8 minutes!
-          With the XL, after calibrating, unscrew the block-holding disk and use a 2x2 to clean the threads
-          With the XL, after unscrewing the burs use a microbrush or cleaning sticks (like long Q-tips) to clean the bur shafts